Feb 26, 2011


Season by season's changing,
And the sun is fading away,
As the dark never leave.

Here I am standing alone,
Wondering what will happen tomorrow,
Will you ever fall in love to me?
Will you ever know how much I need you?
Will you see this lonely soul keep on waiting for you?

Ive built my love so strong,
Just to win your cold heart,
But that means nothing to you,
You dont understand, cant see or even feel,
How hurt myself struggling here, stuck in your heart.

But no matter how hurts it is,
Or how much pain Im going to face,
I would never give up,
I will always wait,
Will always,
As Im still standing here now.

*Random note, Im not brokenheartedgirl OKAY (:

by Ara D'cruz on Sunday, 20 February 2011 at 23:05

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