Feb 26, 2011

Future Secret- Words From Heart

This is the latest note I write randomly.
Well, I dont have a boyfriend, but oneday after I finish my studies and get a good job, Ill think about it.
And why am I saying all ths crap? Because this note is going to make people think that Im in a relationship with someboy but actually Im not.
Im just trying to imagine myself happy in someone's arms.
Imagine everything I wish I could capture in my mind now.
So here we go,
Er btw, Im using rojak languages here. Streetspeaksstories! (:

Whoever he will be, I want him to feel like he's the luckiest and the happiest guy in the world.
Lets call him, SECRET.

Secret, staring at your eyes could take this soul away.
Your smile, its real and the sweetest I have ever seen in this world.
Your face, its soft and pure as your heart.
Tell me, where could I find another boy like you?
The only boy who could stop my heart from beating?
I might dont know who you are but I could smell the happiness and see those precious day we're going to thru.
You know what, Secret?
Its 4am now, and Im listening to my brah's song.
You're going to meet him, once we meet.
He's a master pianist and I love him so much!
So be a good boy because he will only approve a good boy and I WILL ONLY LISTEN TO HIM.
Oh! I also have pet bro! He is a drifter and a good writer too!
Lets not forget my bestfriends! Haziq, Andrew, Natt and I will bring you to meet them all. They are all I have other than my family so everystep I take, Ill let them know first. They are my everything and youre going to be a part of them oneday.

Oh sorry, Secret, back to my main story.
I know, I look stupid writting all ths thing but this is the first note youre going to read in future.
And I dont know why am I crying while writting this piece.
Whats so special abt you, my secret?
I felt weird tonight, its like Im going to meet someone who really loves me and I just dont know who he is.
Secret, is that you?
We already met but in my dreams and I couldnt see you clearly.
But Im having the same dream everynight since last week.
I saw myself laughing and someone's hugging from back.
My heart feel so warm on that time.
Is that you?
If yes, I want you to know that you have the most pure face.
Its lovely, yes you have a lovely voice. Soft and lovely ♥
You sound so happy in my dream.
I dont know how to explain but trust me, we are like in heaven.
Me in white dress and you with white simple outfit hugging each other at some island.
We play hide and seek in woods and laying on greeny grass staring each other.
Beautiful, right Secret?

To be cont...

by Ara D'cruz on Friday, 11 February 2011 at 04:27

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