Feb 26, 2011

Karma Is Going To Make Love With You, Boy.

There was a poor girl fell in love with a rich boy, but he hates her because her status. That girl never told anyone abt her feelings towards that boy but one of that boy's friend knew it since that girl accidentally open her private blog and forgot to recheck. So everything messed up and that boy's group met her up and spit out bunches bad words but she didnt fight back, she said thanks and walk away.


Boy's Friends:
Wow! Who do you think you are? Have you even look at yourself before loving someone like him? Listen here, he not gonna look at you or remember your name cause he knw that he could get 10times better than you. So we guess, its time for you to stop dreaming aye? Haha. Move on girl.

I know and Ive realised that. Im sorry and thanks.


Dear reader, you might think she already move on but neah. She keep that feeling for her self and keep loving that boy since 2 years ago until now.
She was wondering, is this what we supposed to call life? Unfair? And even after that, she never stop loving him because she already promised herself to wait. She really loves that boy.

Trust me, after reading all ths. I cant stop thinking abt her.
Why would they do that to her? I wonder what will that boy do when he's in that girl's situation.

I believe that, there will be a bitch come to him and give him all his shits back for what he have done. I called that bitch, KARMA.

Stay tough baby <3
Pray for her, girls.

by Ara D'cruz on Friday, 14 January 2011 at 00:26

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Elle A star said...

that had me crying..
reminds me of someone
stay strong, gal