Feb 26, 2011

Story Morry

Bunch things happened today and Im glad because Im still standing and smiling here. Firstly, funneh thing Im really interested with is abt this one bitch, blonde bitch Zamil said. True, I was pointing my status for her fakeness and she realized that but that wasnt the ending! Suddenly I saw her information saying that she's schooling at Sayfol Int Sch and she said that she's staying at Ampang? Ohmygod, I was really shocked and asked her, what class she's in and what levelstage, main course she's taking in Sayfol Int because I've got loads homies studying there. But she didnt reply, she deleted her comment and blocked me! Ladies and Gentles, she's studying at Batu Pahat and staying there alright? Not Ampang or Sayfol Int Sch. Another thing came up after I met Zamil and Andrew at Winter while having my meals and tea with Haziq. Andrew asked me if I have sent that bitch question on Formspring and I said no, they were laughing and ask me to read that bitch's Formspring. Guess what I've read, she's mixing up stories about me again and said that Im the one who sent her that crapy question. LOL what have crossed her mind? She got loads haters for god's sake! And I saw another question about her relationship stuff with my ex Bf. Well I knew that will happened and I dont care till my friend which is her ex Bf buzz me on IMchat and told me that he worried about that bitch, well I asked him to stop worrying about her because she got Bf to take care of her which I dint know that my friend is still in relationship with that bitch. Wow, that bitch told my friend she loves him but at the sametime she is in relationship with my ex Bf! See? Bitch right? She have to stop pretending and live her life with accepting the fact that SHE IS NOT THE PEOPLE CHOICE. LOL. I will cont in a while. Read this first aye?

by Ara D'cruz on Sunday, 23 January 2011 at 00:10

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