Mar 26, 2011


Love is knowing God is there,
To help you find the way.

Love is holding someone close,
And helping them to pray.

Love is being near to help,
When someone is in pain.

Love is reaching out with hope,
When there is only rain.

Love is never give up,
Eventho the hurricanes crushing us badly.

Love is something that won't fade away,
When clouds and storms appear.

Love is saying gentle words,
When others turn away.

Love is doing all you can,
To brush away each tears

Love is striving for the best,
And sharing it each day.

Love is believing one another,
To find each happiness.

Love is never lie to heart,
Because the heart never lies.

Love will only be true and real when we have FAITH in one another and SACRIFICE for the one we LOVE just to see their HAPPINESS and never tell LIES so they will tell the TRUTH.


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