Feb 26, 2011


Season by season's changing,
And the sun is fading away,
As the dark never leave.

Here I am standing alone,
Wondering what will happen tomorrow,
Will you ever fall in love to me?
Will you ever know how much I need you?
Will you see this lonely soul keep on waiting for you?

Ive built my love so strong,
Just to win your cold heart,
But that means nothing to you,
You dont understand, cant see or even feel,
How hurt myself struggling here, stuck in your heart.

But no matter how hurts it is,
Or how much pain Im going to face,
I would never give up,
I will always wait,
Will always,
As Im still standing here now.

*Random note, Im not brokenheartedgirl OKAY (:

by Ara D'cruz on Sunday, 20 February 2011 at 23:05

Future Secret- Words From Heart

This is the latest note I write randomly.
Well, I dont have a boyfriend, but oneday after I finish my studies and get a good job, Ill think about it.
And why am I saying all ths crap? Because this note is going to make people think that Im in a relationship with someboy but actually Im not.
Im just trying to imagine myself happy in someone's arms.
Imagine everything I wish I could capture in my mind now.
So here we go,
Er btw, Im using rojak languages here. Streetspeaksstories! (:

Whoever he will be, I want him to feel like he's the luckiest and the happiest guy in the world.
Lets call him, SECRET.

Secret, staring at your eyes could take this soul away.
Your smile, its real and the sweetest I have ever seen in this world.
Your face, its soft and pure as your heart.
Tell me, where could I find another boy like you?
The only boy who could stop my heart from beating?
I might dont know who you are but I could smell the happiness and see those precious day we're going to thru.
You know what, Secret?
Its 4am now, and Im listening to my brah's song.
You're going to meet him, once we meet.
He's a master pianist and I love him so much!
So be a good boy because he will only approve a good boy and I WILL ONLY LISTEN TO HIM.
Oh! I also have pet bro! He is a drifter and a good writer too!
Lets not forget my bestfriends! Haziq, Andrew, Natt and I will bring you to meet them all. They are all I have other than my family so everystep I take, Ill let them know first. They are my everything and youre going to be a part of them oneday.

Oh sorry, Secret, back to my main story.
I know, I look stupid writting all ths thing but this is the first note youre going to read in future.
And I dont know why am I crying while writting this piece.
Whats so special abt you, my secret?
I felt weird tonight, its like Im going to meet someone who really loves me and I just dont know who he is.
Secret, is that you?
We already met but in my dreams and I couldnt see you clearly.
But Im having the same dream everynight since last week.
I saw myself laughing and someone's hugging from back.
My heart feel so warm on that time.
Is that you?
If yes, I want you to know that you have the most pure face.
Its lovely, yes you have a lovely voice. Soft and lovely ♥
You sound so happy in my dream.
I dont know how to explain but trust me, we are like in heaven.
Me in white dress and you with white simple outfit hugging each other at some island.
We play hide and seek in woods and laying on greeny grass staring each other.
Beautiful, right Secret?

To be cont...

by Ara D'cruz on Friday, 11 February 2011 at 04:27

Karma Is Going To Make Love With You, Boy.

There was a poor girl fell in love with a rich boy, but he hates her because her status. That girl never told anyone abt her feelings towards that boy but one of that boy's friend knew it since that girl accidentally open her private blog and forgot to recheck. So everything messed up and that boy's group met her up and spit out bunches bad words but she didnt fight back, she said thanks and walk away.


Boy's Friends:
Wow! Who do you think you are? Have you even look at yourself before loving someone like him? Listen here, he not gonna look at you or remember your name cause he knw that he could get 10times better than you. So we guess, its time for you to stop dreaming aye? Haha. Move on girl.

I know and Ive realised that. Im sorry and thanks.


Dear reader, you might think she already move on but neah. She keep that feeling for her self and keep loving that boy since 2 years ago until now.
She was wondering, is this what we supposed to call life? Unfair? And even after that, she never stop loving him because she already promised herself to wait. She really loves that boy.

Trust me, after reading all ths. I cant stop thinking abt her.
Why would they do that to her? I wonder what will that boy do when he's in that girl's situation.

I believe that, there will be a bitch come to him and give him all his shits back for what he have done. I called that bitch, KARMA.

Stay tough baby <3
Pray for her, girls.

by Ara D'cruz on Friday, 14 January 2011 at 00:26

Story Morry II

Okay I am back. Just done reading her answers for me on Formspring.
Those are real chillis but I dont mind because I know part of her craps question was written by herself as what Ive read on her Formspring and from some friends mouths.
She said that she know me loads but thats from my ex Bf and he hates me so yeah he would say what ever he want kan?
And end of all this thing is, I dont want to know about her anymore because I know Im not as immature as her.
I might be not rich as her but atleast Im rich in different way, innerside (:


Okay Ive got another story about my schoolmate.
She's from Indonesia and now a year older than me, well she was my friend but now not anymore since she caused me to big trouble that almost kick me out from my new school.
I was waiting for her after class but my senior told me that she ran away ealier.
Okay that fine for me because I dont really want to think about it but not for all my seniors and classmates.
They keep on looking for her and finally found her with her lil sister at bus stop and I met her, ask her what's her problem? And she keep denying all those stories she have mixed up and Andrew slapped her for calling him pussy. Well she deserved that.
She asked me to call teacher and ask her myself, I didnt go but I asked her to call our teacher since she were the one who really wanted to prove it to me.
Guess what? After almost half an hour, she didnt show up. I mean never! Yes she ran again from us.
See? Another BITCH STORY (:
And I decided to settle this up on Monday next week, when I got home and online suddenly saw her posting this:

"TODAY : Andrew De Cruz dtg n sound ak coz ak ckp dye cam ppn, ak brdiri lempng dye kuat2 n ckp "kw ingat kw laki ak tkot ?" ak pukol dy, dy tahn 2 tgn ak, ttau buat pe ak putar je tngn dy, mmpos,n bohsia dy dtg kt ak, time uh ad 7 ppn, 2 laki nk srang ak,lmpangla if brani, dy tnak lmpang ak tpi nk tmbok ak,ak ckp cubela,tpi tk 1 pn tngn mlkat kt bdn ak, BANGGA!1 pn tk brani nk sntuh ak yg SORANG :)"

I'll copy our conversation aye? And btw Andrew is my bestfriend and this Putry blablabla is the one that Im talking about.


Andrew De Cruz:

Summer D'cruz :
HAHAHAHA HEY STUPID INDO. Just farging shut up your friggn mouth. Why dont you tell them that you're the actual coward? And why did you run from us? Oh and now you are asking me why didnt I slap or punch you? Because you didnt said any wordyou bimb coward! You was abt to call your teacher aye? And guess what guys? We've been waiting you for almost half an hour and none of your part showing up! So please tell the farging truth next time pussyless! What a pathetic girl you are, berani dkat FB tp dkat sekolah, menyorok sampai ke library, tak nak keluar. Wtf, mulut cerita tak serupa bikin. Patutlah indon. BHAHAHA

PutRyy ZuLandty:
bohsia pilipine jgn cite gebang laaa haiii , bawak anggota buda2 bodoh sume hahahah ! kw merosak skola aku laaa weh ! islam bertato sampai kat pepek2 kw pun ada , meyh la trun hrini klau ade brani , bukan kw kea yg gle nak lari dri aku , sepupu due bjik ni memang , CITE GEBANG

Summer D'cruz:
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Please lah Putri, its actually called Pan Asian you stupid, not Indonesial. Wehweh, sebelum kau masuk sekolah tu. Aku dah masuk dulu lah, sila sedar diri okay? And again, yang cerita gebang dkat sini KAU! Kau yang tak gentle sampai menyorok! Tak payah lah malu2 nak mengaku, silap haribulan masuk paper kau mengaku pecah mulut nanti. Kalau ya pun takut malu nak mengaku tak apa, aku faham. Aku boleh je shh sampai aku jumpa aku. Please ah, youre 17 for god's sake but you're frggn far from that fact. Dont you feel stupid childish for figthing on FB? Please just stop making up fake stories and let me lend you my hands to kiss your fuck face. Stop bbling kid (:

Andrew De Cruz:
pell , dont english-ing here, because she doesnt understand it at all . :D

Summer D'cruz:
HAHAHAHAHA I thought that's the only language she understand since she doesnt even talk when she have to talk yesterday? Plus she is farging Indon right? HAHA

PutRyy ZuLandty:
hahahha , setidaknye bahasa indonesia lebih sedap di denga daripde nhase pilipino , alaaahai , mcm ni kea prangai bohsia dari pilipino ?

Summer D'cruz:
HAHAHA That's all you got? Youre my another funeh stuff (:

PutRyy ZuLandty:
cuuuiiih .

Summer D'cruz:
I would like to call that as 'out of words'. Again, stop making up stories on Fb pussy.


She didnt reply after that LOL =.=
Okay then my bestfriend updated his status like this :

"psst , Summer D'cruz! si PELACUR PutRyy ZuLandty ckp dea bantai aku ? oh wtf ? dea kene sepak dah nak nangis pastu lari g pustakaan lagi xley blah wakakkakakaka haihhh!"

PutRyy ZuLandty:
kpale buto , bsok kw turun , apple sume cari kw , pandai2 lah nak protect diri , ngan bohsia pilipine kw uh , huaaaaa .

Summer D'cruz:
HAHAHA Woi penakut! Kalau ye pun kau kecut tak payah nak menyorok lah jibai! Dah lah Indonesial! Pengecut! Bawak lah Apple kau tu jumpa aku! Haha, setakat kau bawak rombongan nak jatuhkan aku, tak kisah lah weh. Kau lah yg pelacur sampai buat maksiat dkat tangga Sg Wang. Babi geli. Setakat tayang muka dkat BB jadi budak poyo tiap2 minggu baik kau suruh pondan2 kau turun sini lah, indon!

PutRyy ZuLandty:
alahaaai , takot ckap laaa , kang apple2 tu skali matikan kw cuak derr , soh trun tade brani nak bersemuka , kalau gentle sgt takkan ah korang smllm ramai2 betina2 placor tade 1 pun sentuh aku yg sorang2 jea ? HAHAH .

Summer D'cruz:
Hello? Diaorang tak sentuh kau sbb diaorang bukan busybody mcm kau. Hal aku biar aku settle. Buat apa nak panggil boyfriend backup? Pussy gila! Setakat berani dlm Fb pergi longkang lah bodoh.

PutRyy ZuLandty:
kw la pegi longkang , aku tak laayan , hahahha , badan hampir sume bekas kw dah rasa , tak daa maruah buda pilipino ni

Summer D'cruz:
HAHAHA Kau boleh type elok elok tak? Jangan bawa pengaruh Indonesial kau ke sini okay? Aku buat jahat aku tak tunjuk lah weh, aku buat jahat cara bermaruah bukan mcm kau sampai public pun tak kisah! Dasar anak indon!

PutRyy ZuLandty:
dah sume laki rase badan kw uh , nak kate BERMARUAH agy ? haaalooo .

Summer D'cruz:
HAHAHA SEMUA LELAKI? Oh please? I am not you and would never be like you so dont ever try to put me in your dirty boat okay? Again I say, stop making up fake story (:

PutRyy ZuLandty:
hek eleeeeh , ngan PP , marcus , ngan jntan lenn kat tandas hotel uh kw buat apaaa ? mngaji ? sume boy yg dah rase kw , FUCK KW laaa orang pilipinoo , hine sial .

Summer D'cruz:
Hahahaha please call them up to this post. I would like to see and hear it from themself (:

PutRyy ZuLandty:
tayah laaaa nak bajet speaking , kat kampung kw ada pokok jea .

Summer D'cruz:
Hahahaha! My hometown own the most biggest mall and casino after Singapore and Malaysia. Stop being stupid and start reading.

Andrew De Cruz:
dari kau putry , kuar mintak duit kat aku pastu kene korek kat tangga eeee pengotorrr!

Summer D'cruz:

Fat :
i agreed with u andrew
hope si putri placur 2 nk settle hal nie


Again! She didnt reply (:
Why would I afraid if I didnt do any of shit as what she said?
I even asked her to call my ex to our post but neah. She's afraid =.=
And about Apple? LOL please, I knw him better and that guy has been rejected by me last 2months.
Ive got the proof lol! And Apple is Putry's boyfriend. I think she's jealous LOL thats why she need to mix up all those stories.
Lucky mama datang and explain to my teacher about all her fake stories.
Thanks Mama for spending your time to show up and help me out.

And today, I went to Pavi and saw Putry. So I asked Andrew to call her and let settle this thing.
She called Apple and she look really freaked out lol. And suddenly she's missing again in the crowd of Pavi. Pfttt
Seeeee? I even called her but someone else picked it up and asked her to come to Starbucks but again they didnt show up =.=
Pussy right?
Ive got all the proof when all this happening, my friends was there and I still keep all the msgs (:
So thats the story for my colourful day today.
I wonder what she's going to post after this =.=

Oh btw about that blonde bitch that I was talking about on my previous note, please read my another note. Old note for her here.


by Ara D'cruz on Sunday, 23 January 2011 at 01:46

Story Morry

Bunch things happened today and Im glad because Im still standing and smiling here. Firstly, funneh thing Im really interested with is abt this one bitch, blonde bitch Zamil said. True, I was pointing my status for her fakeness and she realized that but that wasnt the ending! Suddenly I saw her information saying that she's schooling at Sayfol Int Sch and she said that she's staying at Ampang? Ohmygod, I was really shocked and asked her, what class she's in and what levelstage, main course she's taking in Sayfol Int because I've got loads homies studying there. But she didnt reply, she deleted her comment and blocked me! Ladies and Gentles, she's studying at Batu Pahat and staying there alright? Not Ampang or Sayfol Int Sch. Another thing came up after I met Zamil and Andrew at Winter while having my meals and tea with Haziq. Andrew asked me if I have sent that bitch question on Formspring and I said no, they were laughing and ask me to read that bitch's Formspring. Guess what I've read, she's mixing up stories about me again and said that Im the one who sent her that crapy question. LOL what have crossed her mind? She got loads haters for god's sake! And I saw another question about her relationship stuff with my ex Bf. Well I knew that will happened and I dont care till my friend which is her ex Bf buzz me on IMchat and told me that he worried about that bitch, well I asked him to stop worrying about her because she got Bf to take care of her which I dint know that my friend is still in relationship with that bitch. Wow, that bitch told my friend she loves him but at the sametime she is in relationship with my ex Bf! See? Bitch right? She have to stop pretending and live her life with accepting the fact that SHE IS NOT THE PEOPLE CHOICE. LOL. I will cont in a while. Read this first aye?

by Ara D'cruz on Sunday, 23 January 2011 at 00:10