Sep 14, 2010

Alhamdulillah ^^

Yeah, Semua dah kembali normal and tak ada lagi pening or masalah xD
Chill, Teens life <3<3<3<3<3
Apa eh I buat hari ni -.- ?
I went to Library kejap then Haziq ajak keluar, ambil Naz at Setiawangsa, had our lunch at Curve then pergi rasta jumpa someone, actually not someone but there was like 4-5 seniors(They're older than me so yeah -.-)
Got things to settle up and yeah finally a smile on my face. :DDD
Tehhee, After that pergi Sunway but dah lambat untuk ice skate, Dah pukul 8 pun =='
Then pergi beli new slipper since I pakai slipper toilet rumah I,(Mum's fault, Mana tah dia letak semua my slippers), Well Ive spent almost an hour in the toilet because of this allergi shit and pergi tengok tiket, Aftrlife 3d Residentevil was cool as fuck xD
But damn, I tak suka kalau cerita tu bersambung, The heroin is still kicking my ass off even tll now, Damn hot seriously. The movie was like Left For Dead, Tekken, Starwars, Wanted LOLS, seriously. Semua dlm satu cerita xD
Dangdang, Then Haziq hantar I pergi Hartamas to my uncle's cafe. My mum asked me to meet uncle cause entah what problems and weird why cafe still buka at 12? Rupanya reno cause Kenny's sebelah tu dh kene beli dgn my uncle, 2 unit so means we got 5 cafes ad, One at Shah Alam next to my cousin's hotel xD , and another 4 at Sri Hartamas(Outdoor and Indoor). Dang, I love Hartamas especially my fav place at Solaris :D , So guys do come to our shops alright :)
We got cafes, corners, Hotel, spa too :) (Blessing hand/Beauty and Vie Spa/Wok Hei)

Cool, Im leave. Im really tired lol, Just got back form karaoke :D
Btw thanks for the flowers and choc, Boy <3<3<3
Byee guys, Night!

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