Sep 2, 2010

Nowdays .

Whats up with the 5th graders these days? Giving your middle finger to people, wearing make up, showing your "cleavage", getting a facebook/tumblr/myspace account just to get "popular", sayin "ill meet you in my rum tonite!"
When you havent even got your damn period yet, swearing infront of your parents, and wanting to grow up real fast?
When i was your age,I played with Polly Pockets.
I gave High Fives to my friends,not my middle finger.
I wore eye glasses not makeup.I showed my talent,not my cleavage.
I got all homeworks done.I say "see you in school tomorrow!".
I dont swear infront of my parents and I never wanted to grow up because childhood ws the best thing that has evr happened to me.
I loved my childhood and i wished that i never grew up,Well, You should enjoy it cause you'll miss it oneday and it only happened once in your life.

-Somes <3

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