Dec 26, 2010

Women & Men

This is what Ive learnt and read from Barbara & Prof. Allan's book.
I dint copy it but Im just sharing my own opinion,advices,reason why Im saying this.
I have loads more to share and if you guys want to know more, just tell me (:
It's a good book by the way. You guys should really get it.

Women might be loser in finding the right person for them self unlike men but one thing that men will never can do is smell lies from their partners like a women. But we all have to realise that we all are standing in a circle of life and fact as in this words "You'll get what you want and I'll get what I want" or in another words men will give love but women must give their pride, women need LOVE and men need SEX. Women waste their time to know what their lovers like and dont like while men waste their time cheating and flirting with another woman. Why? Its nature, women are serious and men are easy. As what we can see nowdays, in relationship women understands men more than men do cause women only have one reason to be in relationship which is TO BE LOVED and men only go for one reason which is FUN till they get real matured. Well that explains loads right? Women grows and get mature faster than Men. So women, beware sweetalkers are around us. Think and act like a smart matured woman with a pride. (:

-Ara D'cruz

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