Dec 26, 2010

A Love Letter To Someone I Loved

Boy, I only can swear with my own soul on this one thing,
the only thing that I can really hold onto and it would never be broken.

Where ever I go as long as I have you with me,
holding my hand and keep my heart warm.
Then there is nothing could ever stop us reaching and seeing our heaven.
Because in heaven there is no pain, sorrow and no goodbyes. Only love, a true beautiful love.

So please let me paint your world with beautiful memories as much as I could.
And let me build you a stairway to heaven because our love is not a ordinary love,
but it is a love that cannot be diminished even by death.

So if I have to go first,
dont worry and dont cry,
because I will always waiting for no matter how long it takes.
But if you have to leave first, please wait for me.

Will you?

We will meet in heaven and create our love story perfectly again with no ending.

I love you infinity (:

With Loves,
Ara D'cruz xxx


*What? Do you think only you can write love letter eh?
I also can mahh, HAHA.
Sorry for being too sweet and dramatic this morning.
Too much sugar, I guess?

Oh anyway, to all PMR's student. Good luck to you guys and ignore those dummies who say ths "PMR je, chill lah!".
Chill your ass lah, dont you know that if you passed straight A in PMR you can further your studies in overseas such as in Australia, Russia, Japan or Egypt? Or get into college and be at the same level with students that 5-8 years older than you? And while those SPM's students sitting their papers, you already got your farging Diploma? If you take your education seriously, you will have a brighter future in every step you take.
As long as you never give up.
It might be hard for you now but everything you do now, your future will pay you back. So its up to you to decide the best for your self.
Sometimes bad things can bring us good things.
Stay tough buddies (:

-Me, another 15years old girl who's in stage4 now.

Ara Dcruz xxx

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