Dec 5, 2010

Real Souls and Angels - Kisses, Hugs, Tears, Smiles, Happiness, Sadness ^^

Are you guys talking about souls and angels?
Here's mine <333
Extraordinary amazingly awesome BEST FRIENDS FOREVER <333

-Andrew De Cruz *Andy
-Putri Nur Natasha Bt Saiful Rizla *Natt
-Wan Haziq Hilmi B Wan Zainuddin *Ajiq
-Afifudin Affandi *Afif
-Zamil Syaheer *Zam
-Nazzy Ashraf *Nazz

There's no annoying orange without Andrew, no bunny funny face without Natt, no mister "I-dont-know-what-the-hell-Im-talking-about" without you Ajiq, no nerd bisul or scientist without Afif and no best drifter without Zamil, no so-called-korean-hair without Nazz. There will be no cool awesome and amazing stuff without you guys.

Im nothing without you guys <333

LOL *Lots Of Loves,

Little Monster, Ara Dcruz

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