Mar 31, 2011

Few Shit I Have To Throw Away

Hi guys! I'm sorry for not able to post anything on blog for so long.
I prefer Facebook Note or Tumblr where you could find on my information on Facebook.
So If I want to update or share anything, Facebook Note will be my first choice and I'll update them on blog after few weeks(If I only remember). So yeah, for stranger who havent add me yet, please search Summer D'cruz on Facebook and makesure it's mine because I've got loads of so-called twins on Facebook. Not 2 or 3 but 40plus (:
I've been updating them on my wall ao for those who want to see those cunts, please.
And for those who have been waiting for my post, let's make it easy through Facebook Note.
I'm sorry for my grammar, SORRY SORRY SORRY SORRY. Im not perfect but atleast I'M LEARNING not TALKING.

Oh back to my main title, FEW SHIT I HAVE TO THROW AWAY---from my life.
I'll list them down and please again I remind you guys.
This is my blog and I do and say whatever I want. Im living my life, walking and walking through the pains and happiness in my life so I know what's best for me to say or to do. You have no fucking idea how hard is it to be ME.

1. SYED ABDULLAH(My Ex-boyfriend, few years ago)

I hope his girlfriend know that he still contact me and Im the virus he's been talking about. Im totally over him for almost a year and Im not turning back, Will never. And he has new Gf which is younger than me and Im trully happy for him atleast he could move on and find someone else but the thing is, he said that girl reminds him of ME? And he still texting me even how fucking manytimes he promised me he will move on but I guess it's been his part of sweettalking stuff. I hope he could stop texting me and love his Girlfriend sincerely. Im so happy for him, I SWEAR(I dont promise people because I know promises are nothing now).

2. Adzeem Ghazali(A Liar)

Can I say, FUCK YOU? Why did I call him LIAR? He lied to me about himself. I dont want to tell everything about him here but enough with saying -HE LIED TO ME ABOUT HIS FUCKING IDENTITY- How can I love this cunt if he lied to me? I accept him back just because my friends asked me to try! And I did but honestly? I COULDNT LOVE SOMEONE WHO ALREADY THROWN SHIT TO MY FACE! So please ask you god damn mother cuker sister to stop pretending that she is actually you. And FUCKING MOVE ON OR LETS MAKE IT SOFTER, GET LOST.

***I'll add up later, Thanks for reading.

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