Jan 14, 2011


Phew what happened tonight?
I think Im just gonna make a short entry about tonight because I AM SERIOUSLY NOT OKAY but still, I need to spit out all this shit on this lame board.

Today, Ash my senior in Highschool called me and ask me for out lunch and do his flirt blablabla thing with this one girl. Lets call her "DAMN A"

And then after that we send her home and went to "IDONTKNOW" cafe at Titiwangsa and I took toast break to feed my giant tummy while nasi blablabla for Amirul and Ash.

Then start hujan lebat, guruh and kilat wtf blablabla. I asked him to send me home at Damansara and masa dalam kereta we was talking abt his EX GF, I called her Lenna.
Ash hates her after their breaking part last year and I told him that me and Lenna are bestfriend now and he pissed off to death and ask me to end the friendship and take Lenna down. Okay guys, tell me, how can I do that to someone who never talk bad about me or even hates me. She's just trying to be a good friend eventho she know that I was Ash's ex Gf.
I mean like take it easy, life never been good. There will always ups and downs in daily. It will still happen no matter how hard youve been trying to avoid it.
God's power. He's testing us lah.
Okay back to my story. Read this conversation first aye.

Ash: I want you to take her down.

Me: I wont do that and I'll stick with this one now and forever.

Ash: WOW, how can you still be friedn with someone who has dumped me?

Me: That wasnt my problem cause its between you and her, SHE IS NOT MY ENEMY AND NEVER MEANT TO BE ONE, yeah if you couldnt accept that me and her are friends and being good now, fine then. Id rather end our friendship cause me myself couldnt stand seeing my friend lost in his life, drinking and spoiling himself.

Ash: Get the fuck off from my car.

Me: Wow, thats a god decision as a man btw. Im out of this and youre not my bestfriend anymore and remember this is what you want and I'll tell you this one thing, I WILL REMEMBER ALL THIS SHIT. And please remember when you tried to take me down with all lies and fake stories years past but that never work on me cause YOU KNOW ME. And now you cant even accept the fact that you've lose.


Hah see. Then I keluar dari kereta tepat2 hujan lebat zzz
Masa I open his car's door ada motor datang dari belakang and langgar pintu dia. OH, thanks motor. And then again I hentak pintu kereta and tendang. Then walk away and seriously I dont know where the fuck I was just now. Just walk and walk and walk to One Utama.
And totally pissed off with Haziq yang tak faham bahasa and always misunderstanding with me. So he ignored me and btw he's the another reason for my breaking friendship just now. Cause I was asking for his help and bla3 but he was like "outofmood".

So thats the story. Now Im dying with this farging fever and headache. I think I'll be deadmeat in hours.
Okay yeah, Im done -.-
FRIENDS? I think I'll just fuck off.


EL ARA said...

bdoh je jantan tu !

Jyra Justina said...

OMG Ara! Sial gila kot laki tu. How dare dea suruh you turun dari keta even masa tu tengah ujan. Tak gentle langsung.

*but apa yang you buat tu memang betul dan patut sekali. HAHAA! Serve him right!