Jul 12, 2010

Her Last Msg To Him *You're lucky. boy :)

You made mistake ,
You made me love you more and more each day .
You made me felt comfort with you. You let myself to love you .
Im inlove with you and when i met you fr the first time,
I already chose you to be the one. Only you until now and Insyaallah forever.
I knw and i get it when you said that you have a choices , options and family that you have to think .
but have you try to think about someone who really love you ?
She loves you since she met you , she's inloved with everythings you have .
Mybe you could find someones better and perfect than her but she holds ur promises and she holds her words to love you forever without pain as long as you still stnd beside her.
Dont you think how weak she is without you and do you knw she rather hurt herself if its the only way she can hear ur voice and see your face ?
Do you knw how much she misses you every second in her life ?
Do you ever try to let yourself to get into her heart and look by your own eyes that only your name appears on her heart . No ! Cause u never fel how much she loves youuu !
She dnt need your money to make her happy , all she want is to see u smile and laugh cause ur smile she could forget all her pains and problems .
Her weakness is YOU !
You can make her smile and cry just in sec . You hold her heart and all she ask is to tc of her heart !
Pls , understand ! and her loves towards you uncountable . No on could stop her except you .
She loves you with her soul.
She made you her life , Hope and everything !
and i bet she rather die if you walk away from her life cause you're her world.

I love you .

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